NO. 5 & NO.XX

no 5 no xx jr punch set roper whitney

  The No. 5 Jr. punch has a standard 1 3/4-inch throat depth has an optional mounting base. The No. 5 is also available as a kit with a standard assortment of round punches and dies in a durable plastic box. The standard No. 5 kit includes one 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″ 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″ and 9/32″ round punch and die. 

The No. XX has a deeper throat configuration than the No. 5 and can punch up to 3 1/4″ from the edge of the piece. The No. XX can also be used to punch light channels with a 1″ minimum inside dimension an a 1 3/8″ maximum flange. Includes one 9/32″ round punch and die set. **Call for pricing** 


130010050- NO. 5 JR. HAND PUNCH IN KIT

135010050- NO. XX HAND PUNCH- 3 1/4"

NO. 17 & NO. 218

no 17 no 218 bench punch roper whitney

  The No. 17 bench punch is powerful and easy to operate with a smooth roller bearing action and a 6 1/8″ throat depth. The die show is removable and adjustable, therby permiting the use of close fitting punches and dies. Irreguar special shaped punches and dies are available. An optional work table is available for the No. 17. Includes one 9/32″ round punch and die set.  

The No. 218 is ideal for prototype, short production runs and model shops. The adjustable die shoe permits the proper alignment of close fitting punches and dies to accommodate very thin materials as well as heavier stock. The 218 has a 12″ throat depth, 3/16″ ram adjustment and an optional cabinet base and a 12″ square work table. Includes standard equipment: One L8 punch holder, one No. 20 die adapter, one No. 40 die adapter, one 118- 2 3/4″ die shoe, stripper arms, one A6 stripper plate, and one 1/2″ round punch and die set. Optional stand available. **Call for pricing** 


131020170- NO. 17 BENCH PUNCH

131012180- NO. 218 BENCH PUNCH