AB1016, AB1014, AB1011K, AB1009K & AB1214

ab1016 ab1014 ab1011k ab1009k ab1214 roper whitney autobrake

  This sheet metal brake is a high speed solution to make multiple bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product. Both backgauge options provide accurate part location through the use of servo drives and are expandable with optional backgauge extensions. The rigid design includes crowning adjustments to ensure accurate bending regardless of raw material stresses. **Call for pricing**


183990029- AB1016 AUTOBRAKE- 10' X 16ga

183401014- AB1014 AUTOBRAKE- 10' X 14ga

AB1011K AUTOBRAKE- 10' X 11ga

AB1009K AUTOBRAKE- 10' X 9ga

186321214- AB1214 AUTOBRAKE- 12' X 14ga

AB1014K & AB1212K

ab1014k ab1212k roper whitney autobrake

  The 1014K & 1212K includes all of the benefits of the standard AutoBrake, but also incorporates a rotating Kombi beam making this machine even more versatile. This unique tooling assembly adds to the machine?s straight and box folding capabilities to produce more complex shapes in less time. It handles a wide range of materials, easily closes hems and withstands the force generated by maximum capacity forming operations. **Call for pricing** 


186601014- AB1014K AUTOBRAKE- 10' X 14ga

AB1212K AUTOBRAKE- 12' X 16ga


automax 16 ga automax plus 14 ga roper whitney

  With the creation of the Automax folding machine, we have set ourselves apart from the competition. This new model has the most free space in the industry allowing the operator to create shapes that cannot be created on competitors machines. The extra free space also reduces part handling which is important on long pieces that are difficult to manipulate. **Call for pricing**