norlok surelok iii

Introducing our newest floor mounted problem solver with a 25” throat. The new SURELOK III is designed for all clinching applications and is faster, smoother, quieter and uses less air than ever before. Our stainless steel ready machine offers a no hassle 2 minute changeover for efficient operation and production.  **Call for pricing**


  • 25” throat
  • Stainless steel ready with simple punch and die changeover
  • Clinches material with 5 tons of force smoothly and efficiently using only 90psi shop air.
  • Tooling adapters designed for sheet metal work that needs a 5 ton press.
  • Adjustable 2 1/2” stroke
  • Convenient adjustment for accuracy and safety
  • Self Piercing Rivet kit available for any SURELOK III to join aluminum composite materials, TPO and PVC coatings. No pre drilled holes required.


norlok surelok ii e&p series

Our standard floor mounted machines are guaranteed to outperform the competition. The SURELOK II E series machine is our basic entry level machine that offers proven clinching technology. Our SURELOK II P series is our production oriented machine. Successor of our SURELOK II E series machine, the P series offers greater clinching versatility and is able to fasten material from as thick as 14 gauge to as thin as 32 gauge. Proven clinching technology you can count on.The SURELOK II E and P Series’ operating features and versatile designs offer solid and reliable machines that become your go-to clinching solutions.  **Call for pricing** 


  • Rigid steel frame offers less deflection for longer tool life
  • Close tooling access to get in close for more applications
  • Fast cycle times for increased production
  • 18” or 25” throats for greater reach for larger parts
  • “Intelligent” safety stroke for greater operator safety
  • Direct acting power stroke for more reliable joints
  • Simple tool adjustments for little or no setup time
  • Adjustable stroke that reduces pinch point and air consumption
  • Upgradeable feature allows you add what you need, when you need it
  • 25 years of design experience with proven reliability and quality
  • Air powered (requires no electrical hookup)
  • Affordable prices for low investment and faster payback


norlok letterlok 4000

Manufactured for the channel letter industry, the LETTERLOK 4000 reduces your channel letter fastening costs and is guaranteed to outperform the competition.   **Call for pricing** 


  • New Development SPR (Self Peircing Rivet) tooling option
  • Faster cycle times for increased production (60 – 80 cycles a minute)
  • Greater capacity clinches 2” – 10” deep letters
  • Larger table 30” x 60” for operator convenience
  • UL recognized clinch for channel letters
  • Simple tooling adjustment for little or no set-up time
  • Air powered (no electrical hook-ups necessary)
  • Foot pedals operate lower tooling and clinch cycle for increased productivity
  • Over 25 years of design experience, proven reliability and quality
  • Affordably priced for low investment and faster payback